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Keep your practice runninG:

  • Remotely assess and triage dental emergencies and enable post-procedure follow-up care
  • Reduce exposure to your staff and patients & limit the need for Personal Protective Equipment

on-demand video: 

  • Professional video consultation solution, easily embedded your practice website and patient communications
  • Features AES 256 Bit Encryption for data in transit, double the standard 128k encryption                                          

patient experience: 

  • Stay personally connected to your patients when you cannot be with them face-to-face
  • Provide faster care to your patient population


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    • Pay-Per-Use: Set Up Fee of 50 GBP per user + 4 GBP per visit

    • Monthly Unlimited Subscription: 150 GBP per user monthly

    • Discounted Rates Available For 10+ Users  

Simple, easy Access:  

  • Connect remotely with patients through any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Cloud-based, with no installation required

Ian Buckle

“Using Medpod to see and talk safely with patients who were often feeling vulnerable because of Covid 19 has been extremely useful. Many just needed advice or reassurance but I think being able to see someone’s face and smile makes a big difference. It was also a great way to start new patient consultations so that now we are able to see patients again we can hit the ground running and move forward with treatment as soon as possible. All round just a great service to be able to offer patients for modern dentistry.”

Ian Buckle
Buckle Advanced Dental Care, Wirral UK and Director of The Dawson Academy UK

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