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Keep your practice runninG:

  • Remotely assess and triage dental emergencies and enable post-procedure follow-up care
  • Reduce exposure to your staff and patients & limit the need for Personal Protective Equipment

on-demand video: 

  • Professional video consultation solution, easily embedded your practice website and patient communications
  • Features AES 256 Bit Encryption for data in transit, double the standard 128k encryption                                          

patient experience: 

  • Stay personally connected to your patients when you cannot be with them face-to-face
  • Provide faster care to your patient population


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only pay for what you use: 

  • Nominal set-up charge and a small fee per encounter
  • Unlimited-use subscriptions also available

Simple, easy Access:  

  • Connect remotely with patients through any smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Cloud-based, with no installation required


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